McTimoney Chiropractic
Karen Ambrose demonstrating a chiropractic treatment

Sports and Chiropractic

McTimoney chiropractic is not just concerned with treating sport related injuries but also with preventing injury and optimizing performance.

Often people seek McTimoney Chiropractic for an acute problem or injury then go on to learn that a regular maintenance care programme can help with performance both pre and post tournament.

It can often be the case that a person can have a biomechanical dysfunction without having any symptoms or being aware of it. This can lead to them being injury prone due to certain areas not working as they should or working harder than they ought to. Since McTimoney Chiropractic is a discipline that deals with joint disorders and alignment it is well suited to being included as part of the back up care for any sport.

Frequency of treatment will depend on each individual and whether treatment is being sort for pre-habilitation or rehabilitation i.e. are we trying to prevent a problem or fix a problem?

Fitness, age and level of competition will all need to be considered when determining how often treatment is recommended. A rough guide might be that an elite sports person may need treatment every month off season and every 2 weeks in season, but it really does depend on each person’s particular needs.

View a short video about McTimoney Chiropractic for sports.