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Karen Ambrose explaining chiropractic treatments for children

McTimoney Chiropractic for Children

Why might my child need chiropractic treatment?

Being born is one of the toughest events we go through as humans, the baby's body is normally squeezed through the small birth canal, and the soft bones of the skull in particular can yield slightly as the baby moves down the birth canal.

Most babies cope well with the birth process and are contented happy and able to feed sleep and grow normally. For some babies recovery can take longer and they can show signs of discomfort such as fractiousness, feeding problems or cry a lot.

These signs could indicate that there is a misalignment in the baby's skeletal system, causing discomfort to the baby when they are lying down or when they are held. Parents often notice that whatever they do, lift their baby up or lie him down, it seems to make no difference and the baby often continues to cry. Feeding problems, poor sleep, trouble settling, colic and irritability could indicate a misalignment in your baby's skeletal system.

Older children

The bumps and falls associated with growing up can lead to misalignments in the skeleton. For school age children carrying heavy bags, playing sports, sitting at school desks or the computer for long periods of time can lead to back and neck problems or headaches.

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